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Posted by on Jun 29, 2020 in Pets |

The Essential Items You Need to Get for Your New Puppy Best Friend

The Essential Items You Need to Get for Your New Puppy Best Friend

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time that is also filled with a lot of worry, especially if you have never had a young dog to care for before. What toys do you need? What food? What other supplies? But don’t worry, to help you plan for adding a new family member, we’ve put together this quick list of the essential items that you new to get to ensure that your new pup will be well taken of.

Food and Supplies

Usually, it’s best to have on hand that food your puppy was eating before you got them. Your breeder or shelter should be able to tell you want type of food that was. You can then buy the premium puppy food of your choice and slowly wean your pup on to their new food. Then, of course, you need a dish. A stainless steel, non-slip bowl is always a good choice, or you can invest in an elevated food bowl, which lets dogs eat and digest food easier. If you have an enthusiastic eater on your hands, a slow feeder dish can help slow them down.

Cleaning Supplies

Puppies, like babies, have a way of making a good mess. Buy puppy paw wipes and gentle shampoo will be lifesavers when your pup needs to be cleaned up after having an accident inside or getting food on them. Puppy paw wipes are especially made for dogs and remove both bacteria and odor.

Toys and Bed

Dogs do best with a crate and a bed they can call their own, so those are essential items. And as your puppy will be teething, safe chew toys are also a must.