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Posted by on Apr 17, 2019 in Health And Fitness |

The Best Type of Medical Carts for Businesses or Warehouses

The Best Type of Medical Carts for Businesses or Warehouses

Medical carts are an excellent addition to any business that provides medical treatment, shipping services, laundry care, or other services. If you are in search of a medical supply cart, there are many varieties available that can fit your needs.

Depending on your usage, you may need an aluminum, anesthetic, computer, procedure, utility, or powered medical rolling cart.

Your business will want to choose the best medical cart available. Many top-notch carts are equipped with locking drawers that can protect sensitive medications and other equipment. With that in mind, here are some popular medical carts on wheels.

Aluminum Carts

Most medical carts are made of aluminum. Frequently, these feature drawers, so all needed items can be accessed easily. With these dedicated compartments, medications and equipment are organized and secured, so your staff is prepared should an emergency arise.

As healthcare facilities and warehouses are filled with staff, having a medical supply cart that is easy to move around can help you react faster and implement control over a situation.

Aluminum carts are ideal as they are lighter than their steel counterparts. They are simple to clean, so your facility will remain sterile.

With a mobile medical cart made from aluminum, your staff can carry oxygen tanks and other heavier equipment that may be needed.

Anesthesia Carts

Equipped to handle all of your anesthesia needs, these medical carts on wheels will reduce the amount of time it takes to find medications. They have a variety of compartments, many have eight drawers, and come with a key lock to ensure your patients’ safety. Some anesthesia carts also come with an electronic key lock, so they are easier to open. To support your staff and maintain security, the cart’s drawers lock simultaneously.

Also, to provide more comfort for your patients, there are quiet anesthesia carts available that can be moved silently through the halls. The interior of these carts is insulated to reduce noise disturbance.

Computer Carts

Medical carts have long been a staple in medical facilities, but as time has passed, this fact has crossed over to other businesses, such as warehouses. Currently, these carts feature video conferencing equipment, a full computer system, and digital databases that are easy to update and check data. In the warehouse space, these carts may hold tools, sensors, printers, and battery packs that can be used to power equipment. Often, the turnaround time in warehouses may be 24 hours. With portable carts, employees can release products faster.

Procedure Carts

Specially designed to assist in medical procedures, these medical carts increase the efficiency of nurses and other staff. Filled with equipment needed to perform blood work, IV, and epidurals, procedure carts improve patient satisfaction. Different types of procedure carts assist with phlebotomy, ultrasound, radiography, and several other medical processes.

Utility Carts

These medical carts are used for processes that may not directly assist with medical procedures. Utility carts may be used to transport linens, patient clothing, and heavy equipment. Often, heavy equipment in medical facilities and warehouses is carried using a powered cart.

These carts are ideal for food service, environmental maintenance, and shipping and receiving. These carts lower the injury rate of staff and boost productivity.

The best type of medical cart depends on your needs. Whether you need a cart to support medical procedures, carry food or linen, transport heavy materials, or support the computer needs of your warehouse, there are many options available.

Mobile supply carts may have begun in the hospitals, but they have quickly moved to a variety of disciplines.

To ensure you have considered all of the possibilities, research widely and ask questions. Decide if you would like to purchase your cart new or refurbished. If you are buying refurbished, ask the technician about their restoration methods and see if there is a limited warranty available. Finding the best medical cart is worth the time and effort.