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Posted by on Apr 17, 2019 in Legal |

Five Advantages of Hiring a Disability Attorney

Five Advantages of Hiring a Disability Attorney

The process for filing for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is both daunting and cumbersome. You have to fill out forms about your disability, medical treatments, employment history and even your living situation. Not only that, it can take up to three years to get a judgement if you get a hearing. That’s where a disability attorney can help you. And here are some key ways one can benefit you.

Assist With Filing

A representative from your Disability Attorney Waukegan office will usually walk you through the paperwork by recording your answers by phone. She does this to ensure that you complete all the paperwork properly, as your case can be dismissed if you haven’t crossed all the “t’s” and dotted every “i.” Once your application is completed, your attorney’s office will send it to the Social Security claims representative.

Settle Your Nerves

Your going to be on edge after filing disability, fearing you’ll lose your case and have no source of income. Your attorney can ease your mind by providing you with basic facts about the process — one being that your chances of winning are greater if you’re over 50.

Recommend Certain Tests or Forms

Not all disability cases are cut and dry. You may have an ailment that stems from an autoimmune condition like multiple chemical sensitivities, which is not as well recognized by mainstream medicine. In that case, your disability attorney from Waukegan may suggest that your allergy doctor fill out an “Environmental Limitations” form to support your claim.

Represent You at Hearing

Disability lawyers can instruct you how to dress and act at a disability hearing. He will also argue against vocational experts at the hearing, who may suggest jobs that you can’t perform because of your condition.

Help You Win

You have a much better chance of winning if your disability attorney from Waukegan is present at the hearing. Your attorney has been there before and knows how to present your information better than you do.