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Posted by on Jan 23, 2020 in Dentistry |

The Benefits of Seeing an Emergency Dentist

The Benefits of Seeing an Emergency Dentist

Do you need an emergency dentist in Gurnee? If you have a dental emergency, you should resist the temptation to go to the emergency room for your oral pain. Emergency rooms are expensive and should be reserved for patients who have a medical emergency. Only emergency dentists have the training, expertise, and equipment necessary to treat dental emergencies. Here are the benefits of seeing an emergency dentist.

1. Treats all types of emergencies. Emergency dentists treat all types of dental emergencies including loose teeth, knocked-out teeth, tooth pain, facial swelling, lost fillings, broken crowns, tooth infections and more. Any dental issue that requires immediate treatment in order to save a tooth, stop bleeding or eliminate severe pain is considered a dental emergency.

2. Save your damaged tooth: Perhaps the best reason to see an emergency dentist is to save a damaged tooth. If your tooth has been knocked out dislodged, meet with an emergency dental right away. If the tooth has been completely knocked out, put it in a cup of milk to preserve its integrity.

3. Eliminate your dental pain: Your emergency dentist will eliminate your pain right away. We understand just how painful dental problems can be, especially after a traumatic experience such as an accident, fall or other unfortunate event. Let us ease your pain and perform the procedures necessary to return your mouth to normal.

Why suffer another day? Our emergency dentist in Gurnee is just a phone call away. Don’t wait. Call Excellence in Dentistry or visit us online now if you have a dental emergency. Our highly trained staff is passionate about improving your quality of life fast!