The Benefits Of Credit Counceling In Wood River

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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Credit Counceling in Wood River IL helps consumers who are significantly in debt. A counselor can perform an evaluation of their finances and establish a beneficial course of action to eliminate debts. This form of Counceling is a requirement for any consumer who wishes to file bankruptcy in the state of Illinois. Visit website for more details.

The Benefits of Credit Counceling

A credit counselor can achieve reduced interest rates for any credit card accounts owed by the consumer. He or she can further negotiate with creditors to suspend any late fees or extra finance charges associated with the account. Through these discussions, the overall debt can be reduced to a smaller settlement value.

The counsel may also help the consumer achieve consolidation efforts in which all debts are placed into one payment plan through a loan or their bankruptcy. This allows the consumer to transfer all accounts of a greater value into one account instead of several. It will reduce his or her overall monthly expenditures significantly.

Increasing Credit Rating

Through Credit Counceling in Wood River IL, the consumer learns new techniques for increasing their credit score. Negotiations mentioned above are one option. The consumer could pay off all negative listings on their credit history through a budgeted plan. The counselor can review his or her income and household responsibilities to help estate this method.

He or she could establish new lines of credit for the purpose of possessing an account in good standing such as acquiring a non-fee based credit card. The objective here is to generate more positive listings on their credit history. However, they must refrain from charging large purchases on the card and creating a catch 22-based situation.




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