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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Waterjet |

The Art of Waterjet Cutting

The Art of Waterjet Cutting

Can you imagine using a stream of water to cut through metal, rubber, steel or even stone? How about using that same stream of water to make beautiful illustrious art for everyone to enjoy? Or, maybe using a stream of water to cut through something as soft as food or fragile as glass? Well, you can do just that with the art of Waterjet Cutting.

Waterjet Cutting has been around since the mining industry came on the scene in the United States back in the early to mid 1800s. Waterjet cutting is a process where a stream of high powered water is used to cut through a myriad of surfaces or materials. The process was originally intended for use in mining and manufacturing. It has since evolved and is now used in other industries such as aerospace technology, architecture and art.

The actual waterjet cutter is an industrial tool which utilizes water and an abrasive to cut through surfaces or materials. The hardness of the surface or material determines the coarseness of the abrasive that is to be used. The tool itself can range in sizes from a few square feet for smaller projects to hundreds of square feet for larger industrial projects.

With its precise cutting ability, the waterjet cutter has become quite popular within the art world. Waterjet Cutting in art is rapidly growing as companies and individuals alike recognize the benefits of using a waterjet cutter. The tool reduces the amount of leftover material that is produced and decreases any vapors or dust particles other traditional cutters generate. It also produces smooth edges with intricate details without the use of heat, making it a great tool for creating large ice sculptures and other carving s that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Art works of different types, shapes and materials are being recognized and adored in galleries throughout the nation. Many of these large sculptures or stained glass windows you may have seen in churches or cathedrals are the result of using a waterjet cutter. The versatility and ease of using this tool has helped in creating beautiful works of art to be admired by all.