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Posted by on Oct 1, 2021 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

Summer Is Here And HVAC Contractors Can Make Sure You’re Cool

Summer Is Here And HVAC Contractors Can Make Sure You’re Cool

Summer brings the heat and humidity. Being prepared for the summer months begins with a call to HVAC contractors near Cape Cod for a complete air conditioning inspection. Many homeowners or commercial businesses don’t think about routine maintenance on their heating or cooling system unless it stops operating. Once the summer heat arrives, the call volume increases for inoperable air conditioning systems. Buildings without air conditioning on a hot or muggy day can make the occupants very uncomfortable and irritable. There’s no reason to let this happen to your home or business.

HVAC contractors near Cape Cod can check all of the connections to the unit. They will also clean the unit and check the refrigerant level. They will inspect the filters on the unit and replace them. Keeping filters changed throughout the year is very important to the operation of an air conditioning unit. If the filter becomes blocked with dust and dirt, the unit will operate more frequently and increase the energy costs in the building. Drainage tubes on air conditioning units need to be checked for any signs of wear or cracking. Coils in the unit should be cleaned. This will eliminate the opportunity for mold to develop within the unit.

Heating systems need the same care and maintenance as an air conditioning unit. The only exceptions are heating systems don’t have coils or drainage tubes. They may have blower motors and contain a fire box. The fire box should be inspected yearly for any signs of wear or cracking. If a crack appears in the fire box, the entire heating system will have to be replaced. Working with a reputable HVAC contractor will ensure your utility bills for heating or cooling are as low as possible for the units. In addition, they will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if something should happen to the unit.

Now is a perfect time to contact a company experienced in heating and air conditioning systems. Start the summer with a cool and comfortable home or business. Contact The Fuel Company, if you are looking for HVAC contractor near Cape Cod.

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