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Posted by on May 7, 2020 in Healthcare |

Signs You Need to Outsource Medical Coding Services

Signs You Need to Outsource Medical Coding Services

At one time, it was best to complete medical coding in-house, partially to protect the privacy of patients, but also for convenience. Sending out this work required extra time and the risk of potential exposure of delicate information. However, with advancements in technology, this process can be done securely in real time through an Internet connection. If you have not already, these are signs you may want to outsource medical coding services.

Delayed Payments

While delayed payments are not unusual in the medical field, especially when patients must pay directly, there are ways you can minimize the number of delayed payments. If your staff is having difficulty keeping up with the workload of coding and billing, you will find payments are slower for this reason alone. When you outsource medical coding service, the work will be done more quickly, ensuring timely payments and the positive cash flow you need to continue providing the high level of care your patients deserve.

Losing Revenue

Revenue can be difficult to track if you are relying on your staff, especially if they aren’t dedicated to the accounts receivable tasks. It is easy for things to fall through the cracks, leaving revenue behind. When you choose to outsource medical coding services, you can eliminate some, if not all, of this revenue loss. You will work with a team that is dedicated to making sure all of the coding is done accurately and sent to the insurance company in a timely manner so you can keep the cash flowing and not worry about revenue lost along the way.

If you are experiencing delayed payments or lost revenue due to billing mistakes, you may need to outsource medical coding services. Visit the GeBBS Healthcare Solution website to learn more.