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Posted by on Jun 12, 2018 in Lawyers |

Signs You Need a Credit Card Lawyer in Polk County, OR

If you have not paid back the money that you owe on your credit card and are being sued by the credit card company, it is normal to feel panicked. You will want to take steps right away to take care of this problem and to make sure that you and your rights are protected. Knowing when to hire a credit card lawyer will ensure that you are protected during this difficult time.

You Have a Defense

If you think that you have a defense and want to make sure you have someone to raise your defense in court, you will want to hire a credit card lawyer in Polk County, OR right away. This may occur because you are not the person who owes the debt or because the statute of limitations has already passed. Another reason why you may have a defense is if the company that is suing you is unable to prove that it’s you who owes the debt.

You Are Unsure of the Consequences

Another reason to hire a credit card lawyer right away is if you are unsure of what the consequences are if you were to lose the suit. Having an attorney who can explain to you the steps that are going to occur and what you can expect will ensure that you are prepared for the future and are aware of what will happen in the case that you lose the suit. It’s never good to be unprepared for this possibility.

You don’t have to face your credit card company alone, and by hiring an expert credit card lawyer, you can make sure you have the support and help you need to handle this time in your life. Visit the website for more information and to make an appointment to talk to an expert about your case.