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Posted by on Jan 12, 2021 in Family Law, Lawyers |

Seeking a Family Law Attorney in Jupiter FL When Your Family Is in Trouble

Seeking a Family Law Attorney in Jupiter FL When Your Family Is in Trouble

Families in the United States have more than their share of family issues. The issues range from separations to divorces to child custody battles. Family law attorneys in Jupiter FL have been helping families solve crises for over 25 years. The state of Florida holds the record in the United States as having the most marriages and most divorces. In 2009, there were over 19 men out of every thousand who were married on the national scale versus over 22 men out of a thousand in Florida. The women who married in that same time frame came in at a rate of 17.6 per thousand nationally versus 20.8 for Florida women.

Divorce rates are just as high: for men, over nine out of a thousand divorced nationally while in Florida, the average was above 10.6 per thousand. For women, the divorce rate nationwide was 9.7 out of a thousand, and the women in Florida had a rate of 10.2 per thousand. The men’s numbers are accounted for by the fact that men tend to remarry more than women.

If these numbers bother you, you may consider talking to a family law attorney in Jupiter FL. The attorney can help you resolve issues so that you don’t become another Florida statistic. If you and your loved ones are experiencing domestic unrest or want to get a trial period of separation, talking to a lawyer first may save you a lot of headaches. It could possibly even save your marriage.

The Law Offices of Laura E Kenney is located in the Jupiter FL area and surrounding locations. Attorneys at this firm have been offering legal solutions for clients throughout Florida. Some of the represented areas are divorce law, criminal law, DUI law, traffic law and domestic violence. If you are experiencing any of those issues, particularly where the issue is family law, you should talk to a lawyer to help you navigate through your problems. If you need advice from a family law attorney in Jupiter FL, you can visit the website