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Posted by on Jan 16, 2020 in Pediatric dentist |

Safe and Effective Ways to Manage Teething Pain in Coral Springs, FL

Safe and Effective Ways to Manage Teething Pain in Coral Springs, FL

When teething starts, your baby may cry frequently, develop a low-grade fever, drool excessively, vomit, or chew on things. Once the teeth fully erupt, these signs and symptoms will disappear. In the meantime, here are some safe and effective things you can do at home to keep your baby more comfortable.

Gentle Massage

The baby dentist Coral Springs FL may recommend that you gently massage your baby’s gums while he or she is teething. Massage promotes circulation to sore gum tissues and can reduce inflammation of swollen gums.

Massage also provides pain relief and may soothe your baby back to sleep if he or she wakes up in the middle of the night. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before massaging your baby’s gums so that you don’t introduce infection-causing bacteria into your child’s oral cavity.

Topical Anesthetic Gel

Another effective method of soothing oral discomfort during teething is applying a small amount of topical anesthetic gel to your baby’s gums. These numbing gels work on contact and are safe for babies.

While numbing gels are only a short-term solution to teething pain, they can be used to augment the pain relief effects of pediatric doses of ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If your baby still appears uncomfortable, make an appointment with a baby dentist Coral Springs FL to make sure that the child does not have a gum infection or impacted teeth.

To learn more about treatment options for teething, call Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics at (954) 581-7883.