Rug Repairs in Spring, TX Should be Provided by Cleaning Services

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Rugs

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Searching for providers of area rug repairs can be a daunting task, as well as an expensive one. Providers who specialize in one niche, often charge more than competitors who offer more products and services. Customers understand that businesses need to make money. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone can splurge on expensive providers. Rug cleaning services that provide repairs are much less expensive than specialty providers, and their quality is the same.

Cleaning services who provide rug repairs in Spring, TX are already in the business of providing care and treatments to area rugs. This includes specialty rugs made of expensive fabrics, and rugs that have been exported from anywhere in the world. Trusting a cleaning service to doctor a rug is an easy option since the customer is already aware of the company’s high standards.

Types of Repairs

Repairing Rug Fringe: Many machine made rugs begin to fall apart from everyday foot traffic, pets, and water damage; Fortunately cleaning services offering rug repairs are capable of reproducing the different knots and fringe along the edges of the rugs.

Repairs Along Rug Sides: Rugs often unravel along the sides, creating unwanted fringe. If a customer buys an area rug, cleaning services can provide stitching along the side that both enhances the rug beauty, as well as enhancing the durability of the rug. If the rug has already started to unravel, this can still be fixed with the same method.

Rug Backing Repairs: Rugs that have a stiff backing are called tufted or hooked. The backing on these rugs provides fabric durability and enhances the look of the rug. When the backing is damaged, it must be replaced. Replacing is something that can be done by rug cleaning services.

Reweaving: Oriental rugs and specialty rugs are also capable of being repaired, even if the cat has clawed through it. Your rug cleaning service provider will be able to reproduce knots and fabric. When the foundation weft has been torn, it can also be re-sewn to match the colors and designs. Many times, fabrics will need to be manipulated to match the texture of the original, but this can also be accomplished by the professional repairer.

Area rugs are expensive, and require plenty of care and maintenance if a customer wishes to keep it for a long time. Utilizing the area rug cleaning service provider is economical and convenient. When a customer has achieved a level of trust in their cleaning service, it is a definite win if they can also call on them to provide rug repairs as well.

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