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Posted by on Jul 12, 2019 in Rugs |

Oriental Rug Repair in New York City Adds Years To a Rug’s Life

Oriental Rug Repair in New York City Adds Years To a Rug’s Life

Owning antique oriental rugs carries the responsibility to properly care for them. The original creators made these beautiful rugs of strong natural fibers. But time and circumstance can damage them. This damage can be repaired, and the rug can keep its beauty, usefulness, and value. However, experts must carefully do the repairs. Oriental rug repair in New York City services are available. Make sure to choose a company with a good track record and high ratings. The company should have experienced rug repair professionals and the proper materials to complete the repairs correctly.

Rug Repair Done Correctly

An antique oriental rug must be repaired properly to retain its beauty and value. This is no job for amateurs. An antique oriental rug must be repaired with matching materials such as yarns and fringe. The repair must be invisible and yet strong. If a rug has faded areas, it must be redyed with appropriate dyes that blend perfectly with the original colors. Long-standing Oriental rug repair in New York City companies such as have a large collection of natural yarns and repair materials imported from the countries where the antique rugs were made.

They make Oriental rugs in the same way, with the same materials they have been made for centuries. This makes it possible to find the proper repair materials. Another aspect of rug repair is stain removal and general cleaning. A valuable rug must be carefully cleaned with gentle yet effective, cleaning methods.

Repairs That Can Be Made

Rug damage repairs may or may not be possible. It is important to take a damaged rug to the repair service to have experts make a determination. Rugs with tears, holes, some missing knap or yarn, certain stains, some fading, and missing or damaged fringe can often be repaired. Water damage can be repaired. It is important to ask for and receive a rug repair guarantee and estimate in writing before work begins.

An oriental or valuable area rug does not have to be an antique to need or receive rug repair services. A good repair service can repair newer as well as antique rugs. They often have new and antique oriental rugs for sale. Check out for more information.