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Posted by on Jun 30, 2020 in Foods |

Red Basmati Rice From Georgia Adds a Nutty Flavor and Chewy Texture

Red Basmati Rice From Georgia Adds a Nutty Flavor and Chewy Texture

In general, people are most familiar with white and brown rice. They also may have tried wild rice with restaurant meals and may even keep some on hand in the pantry. Another food that is less well-known is red basmati rice. Basmati rice is also available in white and brown versions, but the red kind has some unique features.

Characteristics of This Rice

This red rice from Vinco brand products is heartier than white rice. It has a nutty flavor, making it more like brown rice. The food has significantly more nutrients than the white versions too.

Comparisons With Other Rice

Both light and dark red basmati rice can substitute for recipes calling for brown rice. The flavor is stronger than that of white rice, and this is particularly true of the dark red version. However, people who enjoy a richer flavor may not mind substituting the less familiar product for white rice. They should keep in mind that the texture is chewier as well since this is more like brown rice.

Usage of the Food

Basmati rice from Vinco brand products goes well with nearly any kind of vegetable in stir-fry and casseroles. Regarding grains, it also mixes exceptionally well with quinoa because both have a nutty flavor.

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