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Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Careers And Jobs |

Recruitment Agency – Questions You Must Ask Your Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency – Questions You Must Ask Your Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agency is basically a firm that finds suitable jobs for employment seekers. Taking the services of a reputed recruitment agency can help a lot when you are desperately searching for a job. A recruitment agency helps you to gain employment and also fills up the vacant positions for employers.

Question You Must Ask Recruitment Agency before Choosing One

Numerous recruitment agencies are found all over the world, however all are not reliable and will not help you find the right job even if you register with them. Here are a few basic questions that you must ask a recruitment agency, before you select the right agency for yourself.

  • Always ask for insurance copies of the agency. A recognized recruitment agency must have professional insurance and public liability indemnities. You must check whether the recruitment agency is successful enough to find suitable jobs for the candidates.
  • Ask for a copy of the agreement that the recruitment agency sends to its contractors. It will tell you the details of how the contractor provides their services to you. It is crucial that the recruitment agency matches up with what you are seeking – level of control, right of substitution, protection of privacy, etc. You must examine this agreement before choosing a recruitment agency that will find you a job.
  • Make sure that the recruitment agency of your choice is a member of REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation). It is the professional body of the industry, which ensures that recruitment agencies function in an acquiescent and clear manner regarding handling candidates, grievances, fees, etc.
  • Always ask whether the recruitment agency has ISO certification. Selecting recruitment agencies having an ISO certification will make sure that even if the consultants leave, service level and tactic knowledge would be maintained.
  • Don’t get stuck on the price charged recruitment agency. A good and reputable recruitment agency will be capable of negotiating a lower overall charge, even if the margin is higher. Hence, it is better to pay the recruitment agency an additional 1 percent, if they are able to save you 3 percent of overall cost.
  • Never appoint too many recruitment agencies at a time – you might get diluted services from them. This will also not help you in finding a suitable job through them. Keep in regular touch with your chosen recruitment agency and update them on job vacancies.