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Posted by on Jun 9, 2021 in Florist |

Reasons to Consider Getting Wood Flowers in Virginia for Your Wedding

Whether you want a large bouquet to carry for your wedding or a few flowers that are tied together with a ribbon, you need to determine the type of flowers that you want. If you want to keep them for some time after your wedding, then consider getting wood flowers to make a bouquet.


Although a wood flower bridal bouquet is a neutral color, it can usually be painted any color that you want. The bouquet can match the main colors of your wedding or a favorite color that you like. You could also stain the flowers to keep them a neutral color while also making them a bit darker.


A benefit of using a wood flower bridal bouquet is that it will usually last for quite some time. You can display the bouquet in a vase or store it in a container so that it doesn’t get damaged until you’re ready to display it or view it again.


When you use wood flowers for your wedding bouquet, you won’t have to worry about allergies that you or others who are in your wedding party might have. Your guests won’t need to feel uncomfortable carrying flowers if they think that they might sneeze or cough during the ceremony.


Sometimes, a wood bouquet might be less expensive than one that’s made with natural flowers. This means that you can sometimes get more flowers for the bouquet that you carry and for the bouquets that the members of your wedding party carry.

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