Reasons for Plastic Surgery

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Healthcare

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Temple, Texas is not a very big city, yet Temple has access to plastic surgeons and plastic surgery. The state of Texas has a very no-nonsense, traditional, tough image, yet plastic surgery is common in Texas, to the extent that even the smaller cities like Temple have access to it. This is not uncommon; amongst other things Temple has good location in terms of being near other good sized towns and within a couple hours of Dallas, San Antonio, and is even closer to Austin, Texas. So why is plastic surgery common in a state and a region not known for producing super vain starlets and fashion models? Part of it is because we don’t think of who the average customer is, and over focus on certain types of plastic surgery.

Many people get plastic surgery as a reconstructive measure to undo the physical toll a disease or injury has taken on the person’s body. Even sports, which are great fun, can leave you with a permanently scarred body. Boxers and wrestlers are known for broken crooked noses and cauliflower ear. That’s one example, but it’s hard to think of a more traditionally masculine athlete than the boxer, and many boxers after retiring from active fighting will get their noses corrected, even if they want to teach the sport, once they’re no longer sparring and fighting a bit of plastic surgery can make a world of difference for their appearance. Now boxers and wrestlers are not indicative of the average plastic surgery customer; however they do show one of the common reasons people get plastic surgery, to undo the scarring from an injury.

Getting past an injury, no matter what kind, is a difficult process. Letting one bad moment forever mar your appearance and remind you of it every time you look in the mirror can make pain linger, if nothing else though, a bad scar can make you self conscious about it for years. Plastic surgery is a simple solution to that problem. Plastic surgery obviously has a role in just improving someone’s appearance, reducing the effects of age, and making someone more attractive or conventional looking, these things have legitimate benefits for people. We’re judged based on appearance and confidence, and it’s a very universal thing, that’s why a smaller city like Temple will still have multiple options for plastic surgery. It’s not just the extremely vain starlets of Hollywood or the like who want plastic surgery; “normal” people will want and need plastic surgery quite often.

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