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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Shopping |

You Can Use Captain Black Pipe Tobacco to Create an Endless Bounty of Pipe Tobacco Flavors

The great thing about smoking a pipe instead of cigars or cigarettes is the ability to experiment. Even if you have perfected the art of rolling your own cigarettes, it’s nearly impossible to blend your own tobacco, but as a pipe smoker, the possibilities are endless, you can take your Captain Black Pipe Tobacco and mix it with Cornell & Diehl Loose tobacco. When you decide to blend your Captain Black Pipe Tobacco with other flavors of tobacco, you will be able to experience something new with each puff.

It really doesn’t make sense to start blending Captain Black Pipe Tobacco with other types of tobacco until you have at least tried both of the tobaccos prior to the blending. Every brand has its own unique flavor and will react quite differently when mixed with something else. When you get started you want to try mixing complementary flavors and heats. Testing the unmixed blends first will give you a strong grasp of what you’re working with. Experts strongly suggest you stick to recipes which can be found online and in specialty stores when you start mixing. This will teach you how to identify two or three blends which, when mixed together properly, create something completely new and wonderful.

There’s nothing better than mixing Captain Black Pipe Tobacco with another blend, and getting the perfect smoking experience. As soon as you master the perfect combinations of flavors and heat, you will never want to smoke anything else. All other options will taste sub-par. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than making and finding that perfect blend, but having no idea how got to it. The best way to spare yourself a great deal of agony will be to make very careful measurements while mixing your tobacco blends. As soon as you make a mixture record it in a blending journal. Keeping the journal means you will always be able to duplicate your recipe. In addition to the measurements and types of blends used, you should also make some notations about the heat/coolness, taste, and smoke density of your creation.

Even if you think two types of tobaccos should blend together, you want to take a minute and compare them first. One of the issues amateur blenders often encounter is blends which refuse to stay mixed together and are forever separating. This usually stems from using one rough cut tobacco leave and one fine cut tobacco leave. Similar sized cuts tend to be the easiest to mix together.

If you have a heat or coolness and smoke density you like, but find the flavor to be just a bit off, you might want to add a few drops of flavor to the blend. enjoys a good reputation as a marketer of Captain Black Pipe Tobacco and other varieties of high quality pipe tobaccos and cigars at very reasonable prices.