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Posted by on May 22, 2020 in Lawyers |

Questions About Premise’s Liabilities Addressed By A Construction Accident Attorneys In Stuart, FL

Questions About Premise’s Liabilities Addressed By A Construction Accident Attorneys In Stuart, FL

In Stuart, FL, construction projects increase the odds of an injury or fatality if regulations aren’t followed. For this reason, construction companies, and government-based entities face fines and further penalties for violations. The following are questions associated with these events as answered by Construction Accident Attorneys Stuart, FL.

What are the Rules Associated with Construction Zone Signs?

All letters on construction signs must measure at least ten inches in height. They must appear on a black base with white letters. The signs must be positioned within a ten-yard parameter around the entire work zone. The signs present warnings for individuals traveling around the area. The signs must reflect information about all hazards. For example, highway workers must place signs to warn drivers about uneven lanes.

What Measures Reduce Access to Construction Zones?

The entire construction zone must be roped off with caution tape. Barriers must be positioned in front of each entrance of the entire area. The construction foreman monitors the entryways to prevent pedestrians from entering.

Are Construction Companies Required to Provide Notice When Using Explosives?

Yes, the construction company must publish a notification in the local newspaper and media. The notice must present exact details about when and where the explosives are used. These explosives are often used during demolition services. They increase the risk of injuries for drivers and pedestrians. The construction foreman must ensure that the public is notified in advance of the upcoming projection before starting it.

Who is Liable if Injuries Occur?

The accountable party is identified by the type of company or entity performing construction services. If a private company conducted the project, the owner and foreman are liable. If it was a state or federal project, the commissioner who manages the specific type of work is liable.

In Stuart, FL, construction projects lead to pedestrian and worker-related injuries each year. The most common reasons are unrestricted access to the areas and ineffective protection at high altitudes. For this reason, state and federal laws enforce penalties for these premise’s liabilities. Victims who need to hire Construction Accident Attorneys Stuart, FL contact Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne or visit today.