Protect your children with Pool Fencing in Clearwater FL

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Home And Garden

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Finding out that your child has fallen into the swimming pool is every parent’s worst nightmare. Florida ranks #1 in drownings for children under four years old. In Tampa Bay, 80% of these drownings occur in unsecured pools. Pool Fencing in Clearwater FL has become a hot topic for safety in the area, and pool owners, even those without children, should explore their options to keep their pools safe from accidents.

Pool fences today come in many options to keep your children safe without sacrificing the beautiful landscaping of your backyard. Today’s pool fences can be constructed to fit any shape of pool with sophisticated styling. They are made of strong, ultra transparent mesh that can withstand even the hottest Florida temperatures. The double woven fabric is rip resistant, mildew resistant, shrinkage and fade resistant. The fabric contains UV inhibitors and is never sprayed or heat pressed, ensuring the fence will not degrade over time. Pool fences should be ASTM certified for safety. Gates in 4 or 5 foot options allow easy accessibility for you but not your children. Pool fences are installed with a professional grade core drill so the concrete surrounding the pool is not damaged or chipped.

Pool safety nets provide an additional option for pool safety if a fence isn’t an option. Pool safety nets work on any pool or water feature. They are custom designed by your pool’s measurements to ensure a perfect fit and are professionally designed and installed. It only takes 5 to 8 minutes to remove for average sized pools and uses a center pulley system for your convenience. To re-install a pool safety net on an average pool takes between 8 to 10 minutes. All safety nets are ASTM compliant. Custom made pool safety covers increase safety and keep out debris. Computerized technology takes your pool’s specifications into account for a perfect fit.

Pool safety isn’t just a topic for parents of small children. Most people have friends or family members with small children who could be a guest in your home. Children in your neighborhood that may have gone exploring a little too far could find themselves in your backyard. It’s something that every pool owner should be concerned about. Many pool fencing companies offer free in-home estimates. Prevent accidental drownings with quality pool fencing in Clearwater FL.

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