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Posted by on Nov 27, 2018 in Healthcare |

Popular Types Of Facial Plastic Surgery In Sarasota FL

Popular Types Of Facial Plastic Surgery In Sarasota FL

There are various types of facial cosmetic procedures that can be done to alter your appearance or to help reduce the signs of aging. Below, you’ll learn about the different kinds of Facial Plastic Surgery in n Sarasota FL that are frequently performed by experienced Plastic Surgery, area professionals.

Eyelid Surgery

This type of facial surgery is most often done to remove excess fatty deposits under the eyes and to tighten the skin above and below the eyes. This procedure eliminates the appearance of tired and droopy eyelids. After this surgery, you may see a reduction of wrinkles around your eyes, and it’s often performed along with a facelift or browlift.


After having a facelift, the skin on your face will be tighter, and you’ll have fewer lines and creases on your face. The folds on your neck will be less noticeable after the fatty deposits have been removed by your surgeon. During the procedure, the surgeon will also add contour to your jawline.

Forehead Lift

Also called a brow lift, this facial cosmetic procedure smooths the forehead area to promote a more youthful appearance. After the surgery, you’ll notice that the horizontal lines above your eyes aren’t as deep, which makes them less visible.

Chin Surgery

To create a chin that’s more pronounced and in proportion with the rest of your facial features, a surgeon can place a silicone implant in your chin. To keep scarring at a minimum, the implant is often inserted into the chin through the mouth.

Ear Reduction

If you have protruding ears that aren’t in balance with your face, you may want to consider an ear reduction procedure. During this surgery, the surgeon reshapes the cartilage and removes fragments of the skin to modify the ears.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a popular type of cosmetic surgery that’s performed by plastic surgery, area professionals to reshape the nose. This surgical procedure is also frequently done to help with breathing problems. Surgical modifications are done to straighten, shorten or lengthen the shape of the nose.

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