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Posted by on May 22, 2020 in Lawyers |

Points to Ponder Before Seeking a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville AL

Points to Ponder Before Seeking a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville AL

People find themselves in dire financial straits for all sorts of reasons. From overspending to a job loss or debilitating accident, it will not take long for debt to pile up. The idea of filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may seem like the only way out. Before taking the serious step of contacting a Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL, it pays to consider a few points.

Seeking Help from a Financial Expert Before assuming that working with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL is the only way to regain control, consider seeking help from a financial expert. Some non-profit organizations offer support in terms of evaluating the circumstances of an individual and offering some practical suggestions on how to reduce debt and eventually settle all those obligations. Many people are surprised to see how much of a difference a few changes in lifestyle can have a positive impact on their finances Finding Ways to Increase Income Individuals usually seek bankruptcy because there is not enough income to cover the debt. Visit here to find out more.

Assuming that a job loss was not the reason for the current financial situation, is it feasible to find a part-time job to go along with the full-time work? The extra money each week could be just what is needed to start settling some of those accounts and make at least some headway with the overall debt. Liquidating Assets As a Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL will explain, some assets can be sold in order to partially settle some of the debt. Have those assets appraised and see what they would bring on the open market. Even if the individual could only raise enough money to settle half of the current debt load, that may be all it takes to make the rest of the debt manageable. If so, then bankruptcy will not be necessary after all.

For those who have tried these and other methods without success, contact David Weston, Attorney At Law today. After determining that the client does meet the qualifications for this type of bankruptcy protection, the process of filing for protection can move forward. Within a short period of time, the financial issues will be a thing of the past and the client can begin to build a more sound financial future.