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Posted by Judie Langford on Apr 10, 2014 in Pest Control

Pest Masters Inc.: Tips for Preventing Spiders From Invading Your Home

While most spiders that take up residence in a home are harmless, and actually eat many insects that you shudder to think about; some spiders are deadly. If you have no idea, which is which, then you don’t want any of them sharing your home with you, much less your bed. The first thing you need to do is call Pest Masters Inc. to treat your home, so that any spiders you do have will be eradicated. However, after the exterminator leaves, you will still want to prevent the spiders from entering your home again, read on for a few tips.

De-clutter Your Home
The professionals at Pest Masters Inc. can tell you that a cluttered home will attract spiders quicker than you might think. They love dark corners, old newspapers, and clothes that are lying in piles on the floor. If you have a lot of cluttered shelves or cardboard boxes lying around, you can be sure that spiders will find them, and make themselves at home.

Seal Up Holes, Cracks, and Crevices
You would be surprised at the little cracks a spider can squeeze through. Seal up all holes, cracks, and crevices, even the ones under your sinks around your pipes.

Mint Them Out
Believe it or not, spiders do not like the smell of mint. You can simply mix some peppermint oil in a spray bottle and spray it around your home. The spiders will stay outside, and your home will smell amazing as well.

Get Yourself a Furry Friend
Cats and spiders do not mix. These four-legged furry felines will not let a spider crawl across the floor without going on the attack. So, when looking for Pest Control Novi residents can depend on the exterminator and their feline companion.

Cedar Works
Spiders also have an aversion to the scent of cedar. If you use cedar mulch outside of your home, it will stop the spiders from crossing over it, to get inside of your home.

Of course, you have to get rid of the spiders inside of your home first, by calling in a pest control company to get rid of the problem. Connect with us on Facebook!!