New Roof over Roofing Repairs in Middletown: Making the right choice

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Roofing

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Once of the hardest decisions that a DE resident would have to make is whether to opt for roofing repairs in Middletown or simply replace the entire roof. Where this decision is needed, the best place to start is to try and estimate how much longer the current roof will last, even with repairs. To be able to make this call, you will need to take into account aggregate movement on the roof, trapped moisture in insulation, water infiltration, condition of the single-ply membranes and bituminous membrane slippage. This of course would be difficult to do if you are not a roofing expert, which is why you will need to call in a professional.

Where the present problems are brought on by the advanced age of the roof or long-term exposure to harsh weather conditions, it will be difficult to justify repairing the roof. This is because the old and the new elements will not be able to guarantee consistency where the performance of your roof is concerned. In addition to this, it may be cheaper in the long-term to replace the entire roof where the damage is due to aged roofing. Any repairs done on the roof in this case will be only temporary, and the costs will continue to escalate as new problems needing roofing repairs in Middletown develop.

There are also other cases where replacing the roof is a more viable solution than roofing repairs in Middletown. One such case is where a complete tear-off of the current roof has been mandated by the building code. Also where there is excessive moisture under the membrane, repair or recovery for that matter may not be a viable solution. This may be a costly solution in the beginning, but it will eventually save you tons of money as opposed to quick-fixes and constant repairs.

The bottom line is that you will need to get an expert to give an independent opinion on whether roofing repairs in Middleton is a good solution. It is difficult if not entirely impossible to make this decision on your own. The good news is that total roof replacement is rarely needed except in extreme circumstances. Charles C Connel Roofing CO offers these services and more. Our experts can assess the damage to your roof, and provide you with the right course of action to restore your home to tip-top condition.

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