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Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

New Heating System Installation Ephrata, PA

New Heating System Installation Ephrata, PA

Anyone who lives in an area where all four seasons are experienced knows just how important it is to have a good working HVAC system. Home owners should have their systems inspected twice a year, preferably at the beginning of the spring, and again just before winter sets in. These systems can last for many years, but even the most diligent maintenance won’t keep it from wearing out over time. When this happens, it is often a lot more economical to have a new system installed rather than have the old one repaired. A newer system will also be more economical in the long run, because the latest technologies are more energy efficient.

There are some things to look for in order to know if a new heating installation Ephrata, PA system is necessary. Some of the things to consider before going out and looking at new systems include:

1. Is the existing system more than 15 years old? If so, it is probably time to upgrade to a new one that will cut down on energy usage.

2. Is the existing system putting out enough heat? Older systems don’t always heat homes as well as they should.

3. Is the existing system safe? Older systems could be emitting dangerous carbon monoxide.

4. Does the existing system need a lot of repairs? If there are always things going wrong, it is time to upgrade.

When a new heating installation in Epharata, PA is needed, there are many different types of systems that are currently available, and they all offer many benefits, including being energy efficient. Some of the most popular options are:

1. Standard gas or electric furnace: Choose a model that is efficient and has a good Energy-Star rating.

2. Hybrid heating system: This is a combination furnace and heat pump that is energy efficient.

3. Geothermal heating: This uses natural heat that comes from beneath the surface of the earth, and is considered a “green” source of home heating.

The best way to know if a new heating system installation in Ephrata, PA is needed is to ask a contractor during a regular maintenance appointment. Visit John Weidman & Sons, to know more. With more than 80 years of service, you can rest assured knowing that they will provide the trusted services you need.