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Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Business and Economy |

Love Mixed Drinks Made from Specialty Scotch? Online NYC Liquor Stores can Provide the Best

If you truly love fine whiskey, you are probably a fan of single malt Scotch. This popular liquor is made in Scotland, using a process known as pot still distillation. It is created at a single distillery and the only grain ingredient is malted barley. The whiskey matures in oak casks for three years or longer. Some people drink their scotch “neat”, or undiluted, and unchilled. However, when they buy Specialty Scotch Online NYCcustomers often use it to create some of the world’s most popular mixed drinks.

By purchasing Single Malt Scotch Online NYC customers have the ideal starter ingredient for making several classic cocktails.

* A ROB ROY: This is an enduring classic made from one and a half ounces of Scotch, about a quarter of an ounce of sweet vermouth, and bitters. All you have to do is stir and strain it into a martini glass. A maraschino cherry makes the perfect garnish for this refreshing drink.

* A JOHN COLLINS: To make this Tom Collins relative, pour one and a half ounces of bourbon, one half ounce of of sugar syrup, and one ounce of lemon juice into a Collins glass, then stir. You can top the drink with club soda and use cherry or orange slices for garnishes.

* A MANHATTAN: One of the most popular and sophisticated mixed drinks, the Manhattan consists of two ounces of rye whiskey, one half ounce of sweet vermouth, and bitters. It should be mixed using a cocktail shaker with ice in it. The mix is strained into a martini glass, with a cherry added as a garnish. There are several variations on this recipe, but this is one of the most traditional.

* A WHISKEY SOUR: When you mix two parts of fresh lemon juice with three parts of whiskey and add one part of Gomme syrup, you get the simple, delicious Whiskey Sour. It is usually strained into an ice-filled glass and garnished with a cherry or orange slice.

Die-hard fans of single malt Scotch prefer it over blended whiskeys, which are made at several distilleries and blended from different grains. When buying Specialty Scotch Online NYC residents can easily find the exact single malt Scotch they prefer, and even have it delivered. They can be assured that they will always have a supply for their favorite mixed drinks, or a single glass, after a hard day.