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Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Dogs |

Letting Your Dog Enjoy a Walk Outside While You are at Work

Letting Your Dog Enjoy a Walk Outside While You are at Work

If you own a dog, but maintain a job outside of the home, chances are your furry friend spends most of his time waiting for you to come home to walk him. You might let yourself in the door, drop your briefcase and pick up the leash. Walking is healthy for you and your dog. In fact, not only is it great exercise for you, but it can improve your dogs’ mental disposition and improve their heart health as well. The average person walks their dog three times a day, though some dogs love going out more often. When you can’t be there for him, where do you turn? How about taking advantage of dog walking services in New York?

Walking Gives your Dog Valuable Lessons

Even if your dog has access to a fenced in yard, spending time on walks away from the home can help reinforce many valuable traits. You will walk where you want to walk and go at the speed you prefer. He will learn to enjoy that and develop friendship bond with you. In addition, dogs love being mentally stimulated and the same backyard can become boring over time. Seeing new areas, smelling new smells, and meeting new dogs can be a great way for your dog to broaden his horizons.

Finding the Right Walker

You may not always be able to walk your dog when he needs it. Your job may be demanding, or you could have an injury or disability which prevents you from walking a larger dog. Luckily, with dog walking services in New York, you can send your dog out with a qualified walker on any schedule you set. They’ll take him along dog-safe paths and let him sniff every corner and mark every tree if he wants to! In fact, if your dog loves a healthy jog, you can find a walker that will run some energy out of him! It’s a great way to keep your pet in shape while wearing him down for a good night’s sleep. In addition, a brisk walk or even a casual outing for the older dog can help prevent behavior problems. Dogs are like children in that they love one on one attention. If they don’t get it, they could act out and decide to become little terrors. But once they get that attention, they are happy and content until it’s time for the next walk!