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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Shopping |

Learning About Machine Embroidery Designs

Learning About Machine Embroidery Designs

There are many wannabe crafters out there who feel like they can not do things because of busy schedules or expensive equipment needed to get the job done. The fact is that many people would love to have the ability to quickly add embroidery designs to their children’s clothes or other items, as well as have the ability to quickly and easily create items to support the local little league team or cheer squad. The desire to make personalized gifts for friends and family often makes people wish they had the money to purchase an expensive embroider machine so that they are capable of being able to create embroidery designs. The reality is you can create beautiful embroidery designs right now with the sewing machine you already have at home.

It will require a few additional tools that you may not have but it is much cheaper then purchasing an embroider machine at the start when you are purchasing your other materials to being the embroidering work. When you do not have to spend a lot of money all at once, then you will see that these additional tools will allow you to create digitized embroidery designs in very little time.

The first thing that you will want to be sure of is that your sewing machine can create the zig zag seam. This stitch is necessary to create the machine embroidery designs you choose to use. You will also need to purchase an embroidery hoop, which can often be purchased from the same place you bought the embroidery designs. If you plan on embroidering this way a lot, then you will probably want to purchase some differing sizes of embroidery hoops to have on hand to make future jobs much simpler to start on.

You will need to purchase embroidery thread to use. When using your sewing machine rayon and polyester embroidery thread is the best to use for your designs that you are embroidering. Often, these threads and sewing materials can be found in many assorted colors at any craft store or the same place you found your embroidery designs. Many times, you can even get them discounted online with other supplies for embroidery and stitching. The types of fabrics you choose to embroider are not limited when using a sewing machine for your machine embroidery designs. Any fabrics that will fit in the embroidery hoop well can be used with your embroidered designs.

If you are someone who crafts on occasion using your sewing machine, embroidery designs is a great alternative. Get in touch with Dakota Collectibles for attractive embroidery designs.