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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Insurance |

Four Types of Health Insurance Portland Plans

Four Types of Health Insurance Portland Plans

Health Insurance, Portland covers the medical needs of all residents of the city. This is quite simple but in Oregon and indeed the entire United States, health insurance is a complicated myriad of laws, plans, and insurance providers. The ability of most businesses to provide affordable healthcare depends on their locality. State and Federal laws usually affect decisions touching on healthcare. Truth be told, you simply cannot wish away the importance of this type of insurance. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), 67 percent of all American employees are under a form of healthcare plan provided for by their employers.

Put in another perspective, if a skilled worker gets two job offers, he or she is most likely to go with the one that provides comprehensive health insurance. There are four main types of basic health insurance, Portland. The first one is indemnity or traditional insurance. This type of insurance allows the insured party to go to any healthcare provider and have the costs taken care of by the insurance company. Two to three decades ago, this was the most common type of health insurance. It is ideal for large organizations. However, it is almost nonexistent today.

The second type is the health maintenance organizations or HMOs. HMOs are medical organizations that consist of medical personnel such as doctors and nurses as well as the requisite equipment. These organizations enter into an agreement with a certain insurer to provide medical services at lower rates. The negotiation of these rates is usually beforehand. Primary care physicians (PCP) coordinate the entire plan. The PCP has to refer the patient to a specialist if the patient so requires specialized care. He or she has to pre-approve the specialized care. The insured has a limited choice of doctor, hospital, and other healthcare services as long he or she uses the HMO plan.

The third type of health insurance, Portland is the preferred provider organizations (PPOs). This type of health insurance is similar in some aspects to the HMO plan. However, it is restrictive in nature. Under the HMO plan, there are several different hospitals. However, in a PPO arrangement, there is a dedicated network of specific physicians and hospitals. All care for the insured must be within the appointed network. If at some point you happen to get care out of the network, then you will have to meet the costs of the same. The main advantage of this plan is the significantly reduced healthcare premiums.

Medicare and Medicaid is the fourth option and is specifically available for the disabled, the over 65 and anyone in the late stage of kidney or renal failure. Simply put, it is government insurance for the poor and disabled in society.

Any of the above health insurance programs may benefit you at some point in life. Visit for more information and details on all aspects of health insurance in Portland.