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Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in Home Remodeling |

Increase Your Space With These Three Home Addition Ideas

Increase Your Space With These Three Home Addition Ideas

A home addition is a great way to increase your space. It is convenient for your family and raises the value if you ever decide to sell your home. You can find a reliable company that offers home additions in Chicago, which is important for bringing your vision to life. Before you hire a company, you need to determine your goal for this project. Are you looking to add an extra bedroom? Are you extending your kitchen? Here are three home addition ideas to consider for your remodel.

Room Over Your Garage

Adding a room over your garage is a little easier than extending the first floor. The foundation is already in place for your room, so you only need to add the walls, windows and roof. A room over your garage can be used as a bedroom, home office, hobby area or small apartment.

Add Another Story

Do you need more space than just a single room? It may be time to add a second story to your home. The second story can be used for an additional bathroom and bedroom. If you already have a second story, you may want to add a third story to create more space. You do need to talk to your builder or architect to make sure your home can handle another story.

Expand Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the place where you prepare meals, help with homework and entertain guests. It is important to have enough space for cooking, storage and movement. When you expand your kitchen, you can add a breakfast nook or walk-in pantry. You can also use the additional space to add a kitchen island for cooking.

If you are looking for a company that offers home additions in Chicago, consider MK Construction and Builders, Inc. for the job.