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Posted by on Apr 11, 2019 in Pest Control |

Identifying Wasp And Bee Varieties And Methods That Are Used For Carpenter Bee Control In Pittsburgh PA

Identifying Wasp And Bee Varieties And Methods That Are Used For Carpenter Bee Control In Pittsburgh PA

Bumble bees pollinate the flowers of many plant varieties and honey bees are pollinators and also aid in the production of honey. These two bee varieties will not harm an individual unless they feel threatened. An exterminator will take measures to preserve the lives of bees that are beneficial. There are some wasp and bee varieties that pose a threat to humans, and that could destroy man-made structures.

Identify A Bee Type And Contact An Exterminator

Bees live in hives and sometimes are found burrowing in the ground or in holes that are in building materials. If an individual is aware that they are allergic to wasps or a specific bee variety, they should never attempt to identify a group of insects. If an allergy is not an issue, identifying the insects will assist with determining if extermination services are needed.

Yellow jackets, and carpenter bees are two insect varieties that often infest homes and that could harm a resident’s inhabitants. Yellow jackets have long, thin bodies that are yellow and that are covered with stripes. Yellow jackets may be spotted near the eaves of a home or flying around the window wells or the porch of a residence.

A yellow jacket’s sting can be rather painful, and the victim of a yellow jacket attack could require medical care. Carpenter bees are often confused with bumble bees. Their bodies are fuzzy and compact. Carpenter bees chew tunnels through wood. This type of destruction often occurs to exposed surfaces that haven’t been treated with a sealant.

After carpenter bees harbor inside of a wooden structure, a colony of these insects can be quite predatory, and they may attack anyone who disrupts them. An exterminator can assist with Carpenter Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA. During an inspection, an exterminator will locate the area where the bees are residing and will determine what variety the pests are.

If a nest is attached to a tree or a residence, an exterminator will need to kill the insects before they remove the hive. Sprays and powders that contain insecticides will be used during the extermination process. Anyone who would like to learn more about Carpenter Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA can visit the website that belongs to The-Beeman or a similar pest control company.