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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Lawyers |

How Your Attorney Can Help You Have a Smooth Divorce Salem

The act of divorce is usually devastating to the people who go through with it. You should not have to undergo this process alone. Fortunately, your lawyer can be with you through all the steps to ensure you do not end up alone and frustrated.

When you want to dissolve your marriage, you should do it through an experienced lawyer who will put to rest your anxiety and confusion that you might have about the procedure. Your divorce attorney can help you deal with various legal issues, such as proper filing and distribution of paperwork to ensure everything is done by the book. This must be done for your own protection, as it might have negative legal repercussions if done improperly.

Some of the issues you may have to deal with during your divorce Salem include custody, property division, child support, use of the primary residence, spousal support, parenting time, and financial equality.
If you and your spouse agree on most salient issues during the process, the subsequent uncontested divorce must still be done lawfully. You would be having no dispute regarding custody of the children, parenting time, and division of property or outstanding debts.

In some states, you would be required to have a mediator present to assist you in reaching an agreement. It is also wise to have your divorce Salem attorney do the negotiation, as he or she might be aware of the loopholes lurking in your agreement. This is because of the emotion that might be involved, where you might feel compelled to give up your equitable and fair share of your entitlement.

In case you have minor children involved, your lawyer can help you have your fair share of your time with them in accordance with the Standard Parenting Plan that some states provide, which regards visitation times and days. You might also benefit from procedures laid down regarding pickups and drop offs of your children according to the rules of your state.

Legally, you will still have to provide all financial information to ensure all your property with your spouse are accounted for and distributed equally. This will also help the court decide on issues to do with child support.

The real problem comes when you have a contested divorce in which you fail to agree on most issues with your separating spouse. However, having a great attorney will help ease the rigors of the experience. You can rest assured that your attorney will help to protect your rights according to the rules of civil procedure. Failure to adhere to these rules could be detrimental to you receiving a fair deal. For example, you must exchange information as required by law to help in proper determination of the case and avoid surprises later.

For more information pertaining to contested or uncontested divorce in Salem, visit our website. You can also find an experienced attorney here to help you get the most out of the experience.