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Posted by on Jan 15, 2019 in Business |

How to Pick the Perfect Washer Hose

You may think only a high-end car wash would need it, but just about anyone with a car they love and the room to use it can make good use of a pressure washer hose. Of course, they tend to suffer misuse due to the extreme amount of pressure they experience due to frequent use. However, the key isn’t to choose a hose that doesn’t break down. Instead, the key is to pick one that will respond positively given the right amount of care.

Just like your car, you need to choose the right type of pressure hose that will get the job done. Here are a few things to consider before buying that hose:


Depending on your preference or location, you need to decide on a hose length that will suit your needs. Although completely subjective, consider the different factors in your immediate environment for choosing a short or long hose.


A heavier duty hose will require a wider diameter. Smaller hoses are more common, and function well in small gas power washers. However, a medium to large pressure washer hose can accommodate greater pressure and volume. These are the types of washers that you’d see in a professional car wash rather than someone’s garage.


There are three types of material that high-pressure washer hoses are made of, namely, PVC plastic, rubber, and polyutherane. The usability of each varies. For the purpose of this article, they’ve been ranked according to flexibility, depending on the user’s need, from PVC plastic to polyutherane, which is usually used by professional washers.

Choosing an appropriate hose can be tricky, if you aren’t meticulous. A more inquisitive buyer will look into the specs of a hose and see how it fits into their own specific needs. For instance, a longer, more flexible hose with a maximum diameter will benefit professionals, while a smaller plastic hose can be just as good at home.