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Posted by on Jan 15, 2019 in Health And Fitness |

Exercise for Seniors in Colleyville TX: Why it’s Important

Exercise for Seniors in Colleyville TX: Why it’s Important

Whether young or old, a movement is essential for everyone. Older adults tend to feel that they can take it easy and do less because of their age or limited mobility. However, exercise for seniors in Colleyville TX has shown to offer many benefits to the elderly, such as extending their lifespan. People between 65 and 74 don’t exercise regularly, as studies have shown that about one in four older people works out.

Live Longer

Living a sedentary lifestyle (where you don’t exercise or move about much throughout the day) is one of many leading causes of disability and death. Even if you can only do gentle exercises, such as swimming or walking, you can increase the age to which you live by up to five years.

Prevent Falling

When your muscle strength improves even slightly, the bones tend to get stronger, as well. Therefore, you may be at less risk of falling. Your balance also improves, which can help you catch yourself before falling. All in all, exercise can reduce the risk of hip fracture by 40 percent.

Heart Attack/Stroke

Cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, swimming, or any aerobic activity, can increase the flow of blood to your heart, which promotes blood flow to the rest of the body. Even light housework can be considered exercise as long as it raises your heart rate.


Sedentary lifestyles can put you at an increased risk of getting dementia. Studies have shown that movement can keep your brain active, as well because more blood goes to it thereby reducing the risk of dementia and other memory issues as you age.


While not always, most older adults find that they lose much of their independence as they age because they can’t physically do it anymore, but when you exercise regularly, you may find you can stay independent longer.

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