How To Go About Getting A License To Practice Cosmetology

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Healthcare

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Cosmetology is a profession and to practice in your state you must gain a license which will enable you to work in a salon that offers cosmetic treatments. Prior to getting the license, you must meet the requirements and the criteria that have been laid down by the state licensing board, you must pass a written and practical exam and to be prepared for this, one must attend a beauty school in Sacramento.

Every state may have slightly different expectations of candidates but in all cases the student must have successfully completed a specified number of hours of in-depth instruction in a cosmetology school which is accredited by the state. The licensing board is not only responsible for granting or denying a license to operate to an individual beautician, they also exercise control over the licensing of salons. Although there are differences between licensing authorities, the applicant will have to prove successful completion of the mandatory courses as well as enrolment in continuing education when it becomes available.

An accredited beauty school in Sacramento is fully equipped to provide the necessary preparation for students to set the board exam. There are some high schools and vocational schools that provide this education but in general, students of cosmetology prefer to attend a focused institution after completion of high school. A beauty school is much better equipped to provide theoretical training and practical experience and training, this all takes place in class room settings and labs of sorts. In the first instance, students practice various cutting techniques as well as dying and tinting on mannequins and other students. As the student progresses with their level of expertise, they graduate to practical use of their new found skills on the general public who are looking for services at discounted rates.

Eventually the student meets the criteria in terms of hours and skill and become eligible to sit the board exam. The exam consists of both practical application and theory, the practical tests are carefully observed by the state licensing authorities. Once the student has successfully passed the exams and paid the fee, they are granted a cosmetology license.

The license is subject to periodic renewal and to get the license renewed, the cosmetologist must show evidence that he or she has completed a certain number of continuing education credit hours.

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