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Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Animal Health |

How to Get a Pet Ready for Visits to an Animal Clinic in Fort Wayne Indiana

A pet is often part of the family with whom he lives. Like any other family member, it’s important for a get to get regular medical care. This involves preventive treatments and sick visits at a local Animal clinic in Fort Wayne Indiana. To make time at this facility easier on a pet and his owner, it’s helpful to be prepared. The following suggestions can help with this task.

Getting a pet to and from an Animal clinic in Fort Wayne Indiana is a major part of the entire experience. For this reason, it’s important to make a pet carrier a part of a pet’s daily life from the time he is small. A pet carrier should be big enough to hold a pet but not be too large. Many pets like the security that enclosed places brings. A pet should be allowed to eat, drink, and sleep in his carrier part of the time. A pet owner can establish a routine of letting his pet eat and drink in the carrier during the daytime.

It’s beneficial for a pet to visit an animal clinic before treatments are performed. The unfamiliar sights and sounds of a veterinarian’s office can be scary to a pet. For this reason, a pet should be gradually introduced to the animal facility. One the first visit, it’s a good idea to let the pet sniff around the waiting area. Most animal clinics allow this. One a subsequent, a pet should be taken to a treatment room to become familiar with it as well. When available, a pet should be held by the veterinarian who will treat him.

A pet owner can perform daily massages on his pet. This massage should be similar to the movements a veterinarian will make when inspecting the pet. This will help a pet get used to being touched in such a manner. A pet should be given a treat afterwards to reward him for good behavior. It’s also a good idea to hug and caress the pet following the massage. Performing all these steps will enable a pet owner to get his pet ready for treatments conducted by professionals like the ones at Dupont Veterinary Clinic in Fort Wayne Indiana.