How to choose your Nursing Education

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Education And Learning

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When choosing what education and courses you require to become a nurse there are a number of different choices. Here is a brief overview that will help you decide what course is right be it Lpn – Bsn or RN nursing programs.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

An LPN undergoes anywhere from a year and a half to two years of training. Their courses will cover topics such as medications, patient care physiology and anatomy. They will require a license which is acquired through a state test and this licence must be renewed based on their state guidelines. LPNs are able to perform a number of duties as well as various medical procedures always working with supervision of a doctor or RN.
Duties can include:

1. Administering medications
2. Taking weight, temperatures and blood pressure
3. Assisting in keeping records
4. Responsible to maintain a sterile environment and may also be required to assist in proper isolation practices in clinics and hospitals as required
5. Supervising other team members such as orderlies or nursing assistants.

Registered Nurse (RN)

RNs are considered to be professional nurses and they would commonly be responsible to supervise LPNs. They have the education that will allow them to provide direct care for patients and will work with all types of patients including those who are healthy, providing aid to people who have suffered injuries and of course caring for those who are ill. Unlike LPNs RNs do have the ability to make some medical decisions when dealing with patients due to their advanced training and education. RNs will have acquired a number of different diplomas or degrees be they associate, master or bachelor. They then have to pass a state board exam for their title. RNs also must have clinical experience that is tracked in hours before they are able to graduate.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRNs)

Finally an APRN has acquired a master’s or doctoral degree with an area of specialty. These specialties can include areas such as midwives and nurse practitioners. The further education required to become an APRN can vary from state to state. They can also choose to work in either health or mental health and depending on which area of expertise they choose can even prescribe medications and make diagnoses.

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