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Posted by on Dec 4, 2019 in Bail Bonds Service |

How Bail Bonds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Benefit Citizens

How Bail Bonds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Benefit Citizens

Most of the citizens arrested by Cedar Rapids, Iowa police are eligible to be released on bail. That means judges allow them to remain free until their court dates if they deposit a specific amount of money with the courts. Bail is often set at thousands of dollars, which most residents cannot afford. Instead they rely on professionals like Wildside Bail Bonds to arrange quick releases in exchange for a fee. Quick releases can keep prisoners safe and allow them to take care of family responsibilities.

Bail Bonds Help Keep Defendants Safe

Prisoners or family members who are worried about the dangers of jail often contact bond agents they find on Facebook. Jail is not always a safe place. Most police departments hold all kinds of offenders in the same cells. Those who have committed minor infractions may share space with a violent offender. Fortunately, bond agents know court systems very well and have a lot of contacts. They often write Bail Bonds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that allow clients to go free in less than a day.

Prisoners Save a Lot of Money

If prisoners have to pay cash bail, many are forced to borrow money or take out loans. They might need to mortgage homes or, worse, ask loved ones to mortgage theirs. Bail bond professionals save them these worries. Professionals who write Bail Bonds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa charge a non-refundable fee that is usually about 10% of the bail amount. That means a $5,000 bond would $500. Technically, agents can apprehend clients who fail to appear in court, but that is not a common practice.

There Is Less Family Disruption

A prisoner who cannot arrange bail could sit in jail for weeks or months. During that time they would likely lose their jobs and put their families in jeopardy. Bail bonds often allow prisoners to go free so fast they do not miss more than a day of work. Once released, they can care for children, take care of other obligations, and work with their attorneys.

Many prisoners call bail bond services soon after their arrests. Defendants pay bond agents a fraction of the bail amount and are then freed quickly. Once inmates are released, they are no longer in jeopardy of being harmed by other prisoners and can meet personal obligations.