How A Social Security Attorney Can Help You

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Lawyers

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The Federal Government in the US is responsible for administration of Social Security. Social Security was established in 1935 with the objective of providing those who are retired and those who are seriously disabled and unable to work with a monthly income. A Social Security attorney in Rockford is an individual who understands the rules and laws that apply and are intimately familiar with the claims process and the problems claimants face. An attorney that deals with clients who are disabled can certainly help them from the onset of the process but more often the attorney is called for once the initial application is denied which unfortunately is in the majority of cases.

Making application for Social Security retirement benefits is a simple process and rarely is an application refused; this cannot be said for those who are applying for disability benefits. Disability benefits are not given as a matter of course, to receive befits the applicant is responsible for proving beyond doubt that they are either physically or mentally disabled and that their disability stops them from earning a wage. The Social Security Administration follow a very detailed process as they vet an application, they rely very much on the applicants detailed medical records as well as the applicants historic work record. Using this data the application is either accepted or denied, most often the first application at least is denied. A Social Security attorney in Rockford, using his or her in-depth knowledge of the system knows precisely what the Administration officials are looking for and they are able to counsel and advise their client on the best approach to prove that they are disabled without leaving any doubt.

In the majority of cases an applicant will prepare and present the initial application only to have it refused, at least 70 percent of them are. These applicants know they meet the criteria and yet they have been denied benefits; this is when they turn to a Social Security attorney. The attorney will attempt to get the Administration to reverse their ruling, should that fail, they file a motion for an administrative judge to review and rule on the application. During the hearing in front of the judge the claimant and the attorney can provide substantiating evidence that the disability exists and is real and meets all of the Administrations criteria. If it is felt necessary the attorney will enlist the assistance of experts to testify to the fact that the physical or mental capacity to perform any meaningful work are nonexistent and the condition of the client is such that he or she can no longer undertake the demands of their job.

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and your application was denied then you are free to pursue a reversal of the decision but to ensure the greatest chance of success you are advised to hire a Social Security attorney in Rockford. You are invited to contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates to discuss your particular situation.

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