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Posted by on Jul 22, 2021 in Technology |

High-Speed, High-Precision and Compact Robots Optimizing Assembly Lines

High-Speed, High-Precision and Compact Robots Optimizing Assembly Lines

Industry leaders and pioneers in robot manufacturing and design develop applied technologies in manufacturing to meet the rising quality levels demanded by today’s major industrial manufacturers. Robotics developers create a spectrum of high-precision and high-speed designs, including four-axis, five-axis and six-axis robots with standard, dust-proof, mist-proof and clean-room models, to handle many types of use-cases.

Form Follows Function

Compactness and elegant designs are hallmark features of assembly line robots. This design ethic makes efficient use of space and minimizes environmental interference by concealing air lines and electrical wiring. It also contributes to a tidy workspace.

An entire suite of robots can also run according to one operating platform, which offers significant cost and time savings in terms of operation, programming, training and maintenance.

Four-Axis Robots

Four-axis, CE and ANSI compliant, horizontally articulated robots are qualified for global deployment and can handle a wide range of tasks due to their heavy payload capacity, exceptional repeatability and high-speed operation.

Five-Axis and Six-Axis Robots

Also CE and ANSI compliant, five-axis and six-axis vertically articulated robots are highly repeatable and excel in high-speed operations. Compactness and a small footprint facilitate easy integration, and an exceptionally high moment of inertia provides for operational flexibility across many applications.

Six-axis collaborative robots are also a human-friendly design that quickly automates tasks in any location without the need for expert operator knowledge.

Global Advanced Robotics Technology

DENSO Robotics has pioneered the manufacturing automation industry for over 50 years as an industrial-robot-arm designer and manufacturer.

The company also develops configurators, integrated robots, controllers, software and accessories. And it employs over 27,000 of its four, five and six-axis industrial robots in its own operations and has supplied over 143,000 working units in other operations around the world.

To learn more about assembly line robots and their ability to optimize manufacturing processes, contact the experienced leaders at today.