Heating Oil Prices in Mystic CT: Tips For Saving On Domestic Heating Oil

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Oil and Gas

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Millions of households within the United States use heating oil to heat their homes during winter and to heat the water inside their boiler or hot water tank. As you might have noticed, home heating oil prices in Mystic CT has been increasing each year. Actually, the cost of domestic heating oil is dependent upon crude oil prices, thus the higher the price of crude oil, the higher the price of heating oil. For this reason, it behooves homeowners who utilize heating oil to do whatever they can to reduce their heating costs. With just a bit of effort you can save as much as ten percent on your annual oil costs.

There are several ways you can reduce your home heating costs. Some of these comprise things such as inspecting your house for leaking air or draft areas, particularly if your house is old. The majorities of individuals remember to inspect their storm windows and doors for leaks; however most do not remember to check for cracks under their doors. This seemingly small section can let in a great deal of air. You can utilize a rolled up towel laid up alongside the door way to stop the flow of chilly air. Another place you may not remember to inspect for air leakages is your light switches or electric wall. You can place an insulating material at the back of these to reduce the air flow.

In addition, it is recommended that you clean or change your furnace’s air filters every month to ensure that your furnace always has a dirt free filter. When the filter is unclean, air flow will be impeded and your heating device will need to work harder in order to keep your home warm. This will cause you to utilize more heating oil. Another excellent way to reduce your annual oil costs is to have an expert inspection and cleaning done yearly on your oil burner as well as your furnace. If your furnace is clean, it will function much more efficiently. Also, you can contact your utility company and ask them to do an energy audit on your house. These services are usually without charge and can provide you with some fine recommendations on reducing heating costs. Read more here about heating oil prices in Mystic CT.



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