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Posted by on Nov 12, 2019 in Real Estate Consultant |

Has Your Knoxville Home Been Listed For Months With No Offer? Sell Your House For Cash

Has Your Knoxville Home Been Listed For Months With No Offer? Sell Your House For Cash

Homeowners listing their homes for sale are up against savvy buyers. Using the Internet with virtual tours is a great way to sell a house. However, buyers might take the virtual tour and pass on your house. If the house has been listed for months with no sign of an offer, homeowners begin to wonder what they’ve done wrong. These homeowners might consider sell my house fast near me buyers.

What The Problem Could Be

In many cases, it isn’t upgrades or the selling price that’s the problem. It’s the inside and outside staging that stops people. It’s an old axiom but a true one: you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Outdoor Staging

Making sure the curb appeal actually appeals to buyers is the most important first step in staging a house for sale. Stunning landscaping isn’t always necessary – it could be as simple as trimming back tree branches and underbrush while keeping grass neatly clipped and edged.

Power washing the house gives it a fresh look it might not have owned before. Washing the windows reflects the sun and sky, which gives buyers an impression of newness.

Inside Staging

It doesn’t take a professional stager to give a house a cozy, appealing aura. Homeowners should put every last item they own in storage. Buy or rent updated furnishings, a painting or two, a rug, and a vase of fresh flowers.

Buyers don’t want to see your memorabilia or belongings. They need to see just enough to know their things will fit in your space. Using color, texture, and placement effectively gives buyers an idea of the aura or impression their own things will have in the same space.

If homeowners stage their houses properly and still don’t get any nibbles, then contact sell my house fast near me companies can who will come to rescue. They’ll buy your house for cash and get you off the MLS hook. Contact Vol Homes at (865) 321-8999 to learn more about it.