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Posted by on Oct 14, 2020 in Real Estate Consultant |

Do Companies Still Claim “We Buy Houses Bethany?”

Do Companies Still Claim “We Buy Houses Bethany?”

Many companies offer to purchase houses that homeowners don’t want or can’t afford. However, it’s a little challenging to determine the benefits of these companies and why they do what they do. If you’ve asked yourself if you should use a company that claims, “We buy houses Bethany,” the answer might be yes. Of course, no one can answer that question for you because it is a personal decision between you and any adults in the home. However, there are many benefits.

Sell Quickly

These investors can purchase your home much faster than a traditional buyer. Traditional methods can take months to complete, even if your home is in mint condition and is priced fairly. Investors don’t need to get loans or wait for approval because they have cash on hand. Therefore, if you agree to the price they quote, you can close in about a week (and sometimes sooner). The investor can also handle the closing paperwork for you, making it less stressful.

All Reasons Welcome

You may be thinking that you can’t sell your home because you’re going through a bankruptcy or the bank is foreclosing. However, investors don’t mind these issues. They are there to purchase a property and make necessary or desired changes so that they can sell it later for a profit. Therefore, they are willing to give you enough money to cover the mortgage and maybe have a little left over.

Plus, they don’t mind if the house looks a little worse-for-wear. If you never got around to installing a dishwasher or have a non-working oven, they aren’t going to mind. In fact, many investment companies don’t even look at the house and take your word for what’s wrong. However, don’t be surprised if a representative does ask to visit the property and make an assessment. For more information contact W Properties.