Has the Time Come for New Gutters in Dayton?

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Garage Doors

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Like many things around the house, gutters will work fine for years and then need to be replaced. The trick is to know when the time is approaching for new Gutters in Dayton. By being aware of a few simple warning signs, the homeowner will know when the time has come to start looking at replacement options. Here are a few examples.

The Sections are Working Loose

In times past, the sections making up the gutter system remained firmly in position. Over the last season or so, the homeowner has noticed that some of the seams are not as tight as they were before. This makes it possible for water to escape and puddle around the foundation of the house. The fact that the sections are not perfectly joined any longer also increases the odds of debris collecting in the system and blocking the flow of water. Unless the seams can be sealed again, investing in new Gutters in Dayton is the best way to protect the home.

Rust in the Gutters

During the last spring cleaning, the homeowner noticed that the gutters were beginning to rust in several spots. The presence of the rust does not just mark the appearance of the system. At those points, the gutters are also weaker and more subject to breaking down. Instead of patching sections or attempting to replace them, opting for a new gutter system will save time and money over the long term.

The Need for More Features

The owner may find that looking at a newer system would mean taking advantage of a few features that the current system lacks. For example, a new set of gutters may come with guards. Those guards would allow for more efficient entry of water into the system while keeping debris like leaves, small animals, and other trash from collecting in the system. Along with making it easier to care for the gutters, those guards will reduce wear and tear on the system proper.

For help in choosing the right replacement for an aging gutter system, contact the team at Wayne Overhead Door Sales & Home Improvements. After taking a look at the home and discussing options with the customer, the contractor can recommend new gutters that are ideal for the home.

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