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Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Dentistry |

Benefits And How To Know If Dental Implants In Chicago Are Right For You

Benefits And How To Know If Dental Implants In Chicago Are Right For You

Technology has come a long way in the dentistry field, as before when you lost a tooth, you had to live with it or get removable partial dentures. Partials and full dentures can be a pain and cause so much inconvenience because you have to use messy glues and still can’t eat the foods you love. However, nowadays, if you have a missing tooth or a full mouth of missing teeth, you can have dental implants in Chicago, which are permanent and act and feel just like real teeth.


The process for an implant is a little more involved than with traditional dentures and can take longer. There are several stages necessary and it will depend on the condition of your mouth and needs. You will probably have multiple procedures in the beginning stages of placement and preparation, and you’ll probably be given a temporary restoration during the time while the gums heal from surgery. Healing time can take upwards of six months, but then the cap will be attached, and you’ll be finished.


An implant offers many benefits, such as restoring your smile. You won’t have to worry about your teeth coming out while eating or excusing yourself after meals to clean them. Your smile won’t require any alterations, such as filing other teeth or removing extra teeth to fit you for a bridge or partial denture. Dental implants in Chicago can also lessen the chance of facial sagging and bone loss, which can occur with traditional dentures. It can also help make it easier to chew and bite because the jaw’s force will be evenly distributed.

Are They For You?

Most people may wonder if an implant will work for them. While it can be used by many different people, there are a few that may not benefit from the procedure. If you smoke or have any chronic diseases, an implant probably won’t work best for you. Smoking and some diseases can cause you to take longer to heal, and you’ll have more risk of infection and other problems. Your jawbone and gums must be healthy, and you should have relatively good oral hygiene for the procedure. Because the metal posts are inserted into the jaw, your gums and bones have to be healthy, or it could take longer to heal or cause other problems.

Dental implants in Chicago can be an excellent alternative to traditional dentures. Visit Art of Modern Dentistry today to learn more about the procedure or to schedule a consultation.