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Posted by on Apr 1, 2021 in auto repair |

Get That Vehicle Moving Again With Quality Car Repair in Chicago

Get That Vehicle Moving Again With Quality Car Repair in Chicago

Modern automobiles are extremely reliable, but they can still break down after many miles of driving, especially if part of that time is spent in traffic jams. Stop ang go traffic is tough on the engine because allows heat build up. Excessive heat can damage many components like the cooling system, head gasket, cylinder head or even the engine block. Sometimes, things get so overheated that the smell of the hot coolant comes into the passenger compartment through the heating system. Another way that heat can affect an engine is burst hoses. Hoses wear down from extended use and a ruptured hose will quickly force the need for car repair in Chicago because the vehicle cannot be driven until the problem is fixed.

There are many mechanical systems on the automobile including the transmission and brakes. Some of these systems require occasional maintenance to prevent premature wear. Consider the automatic transmission. This device uses hydraulic pressure to engage the internal clutches and shift gears. Unfortunately, the continual shifting can cause the gears and clutches to wear down. In the case of the clutch plates, the fiber lining rubs off and leaves a sludge in the transmission. This stuff gets pretty thick over time and it can block the tiny channels that the fluid must be pumped through. Flushing the transmission is a great way to remove this gunk.

Vehicle brakes take a lot of abuse, but they were designed to handle the strain. However, the more that the brakes get used, the quicker they wear down. One indication of thin brake pads is a squealing sound whenever the brakes are applied. If this is happening, then it is time for car repair in Chicago. Replacing worn brakes as quickly as possible reduces wear on the rotors. A rotor that is still in decent shape can be turned down so that the braking surface is smooth again. If the damage to the rotor is massive or it has developed heat fractures, then it will need to be replaced. The cost of replacement rotors will vary by quality. However, it is important to get the best ones possible to avoid future braking problems. Contact Bucaro Brothers Auto Care to schedule your consultation.