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Get State-Specific Guidance From a Divorce Attorney in Green Bay WI

Get State-Specific Guidance From a Divorce Attorney in Green Bay WI

In the state of Wisconsin, divorces and legal separations are very similar, but there are a few differences to consider. While a divorce ends a marriage, a legal separation does not; to request a divorce, a spouse must believe that the marriage cannot be saved. Read on for some important facts about Wisconsin’s divorce laws.

Residency Restrictions

To obtain a legal separation or a divorce, one spouse must live in the county in which the claim is filed for 30 days beforehand. The other spouse must be a state resident for a minimum of six months before the filing. Unlike some other states, in Wisconsin, couples can request divorces without first going through legal separations.

Child Support, Child Custody, and Property Division

In matters of legal separation and divorce, the courts decide issues of asset division, spousal support, child support, and child custody. Consult a Divorce Attorney in Green Bay WI for advice on these important matters.

The Waiting Period

No matter which route a couple takes, there’s a 120-day waiting period to endure. This means that, until that time has passed, the parties are not officially divorced or separated. If they choose, the spouses can reconcile at any point before the court’s ruling.


In Wisconsin, spouses cannot remarry for six months after a divorce is granted, unless they’re remarrying each other. The period begins the day the divorce decree is handed down, and couples cannot remarry while they’re legally separated.

Grounds for Divorce

Spouses are not required to give a reason for requesting a divorce, but they must believe that there’s no chance of reconciliation. Wisconsin is a no-fault state, which means neither spouse needs to prove wrongdoing on the other person’s part. Furthermore, the spouses don’t have to agree that the marriage is irreparably broken.

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Wisconsin’s divorce and legal separation laws are complex, so much so that most people don’t understand them. Not hiring a Divorce Attorney in Green Bay WI may result in short-term savings, but in the long term, it may be costly. Visit the website to get in touch or call the Brabazon Law Office LLC to schedule an appointment.