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Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Computer And Internet |

Get rid of security risks and down time using dedicated server hosting

Get rid of security risks and down time using dedicated server hosting

A dedicated server hosting account lends greater flexibility if you want to acquire hosting for your company’s website. It enables a client to exercise more control over servers it uses for hosting. Controls that a client gets with dedicated accounts include, a choice to choose operating system, hardware, and customized script installations. These controls are not available in shared hosting packages.

A dedicated server hosting, often known as managed dedicated server hosting or dedicated server, is an internet website hosting that is intended for uploading of company’s site files and online display of its website. A client chooses a dedicated hosting and gives on lease the entire server. The hosting company ensures not to share this server with other clients.

Many companies with growing web presence hesitate to opt for a dedicated server hosting due to wrong belief that dedicated servers need on-site installation and management. The fact is majority of websites, running on dedicated servers, are housed inside managed dedicated hosting company itself and given round the clock support and maintenance service.

Managed dedicated server hosting is quite advantageous since hosting client is assured of security on account of exclusive use of server for their website needs. This also eliminates downtime losses caused by problems arising on those websites that run on the same server. Dedicated server hosting helps companies in protecting their customer databases and proprietary information.

Shared server hosting, though less expensive, is also less secure when compared with dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting is the best alternative for a website project considered to be ‘mission-critical’.

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