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Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Careers And Jobs |

Career advice – Discover your key strengths

Career advice – Discover your key strengths

They say “if you want others to know you, know yourself first”. Take time and explore your potential. Discover your skills and key strengths that will empower you to make the right moves for your career development.

If you continue to produce resumes that emphasize the skills you have developed in your present position, then you will sell yourself to the same market. To explore your potentials further and let your personality undergo development, know your key strengths and skills. Widen your horizon and increase the number of opportunities that are available for you in a variety of sectors.

SWOT analysis:

*  The best way to discover one’s strengths for making smart career development moves, is to do a self SWOT analysis. Whether you are changing careers, re-entering the workforce or looking for your first job, focus on your strengths and the opportunities available.

*  List down your strengths and find out how you can utilize it for your personality development. How you can use it to the highest limit to achieve the heights of career growth and development.

*  Make a research of the various sectors where you can apply your knowledge and skill. Find out how you can utilize your set of strengths in an organization.

*  List your weaknesses and threats too. Find out ways of improving on them. See how you can work upon your weaknesses and turn it into something that is positive. If you cannot think of weaknesses then just move on.

Market your strengths to employers:
For a smooth and progressive career development, you must know how to market your strengths and skills to the employers. Always focus on your set of skills and accomplishments.

Skills refer to the set of activities you are good at, such as computer skills, organizing people or events, the ability to sell and public speaking. If you have attended any personality development training sessions, then you can also mention them.

Accomplishments are your successes such as winning a prize, completing a course or certification and other achievements.

Highlight it in your resume:

There can be a hundred skills that could be highlighted in your resume to attract the attention of employers from variety of sectors. However, the key to success lies in selecting the skills that directly relate to the specific requirements of the organization.
Remember, that career plans and developments built on strengths, reduce the time it takes to find the right job. So, discovering your key strengths is the first step to achieve your career goals.