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Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Healthcare |

Gainesville Birth Control Types

Getting pregnant is an exciting time for many women, unless you don’t wish to have a child. If this is the case, you will want to consider Gainesville birth control to decrease the chances of becoming pregnant. As a woman, it is important to choose a method of birth control that will be easy to use.

Birth Control Pills

There are a variety of birth control pills in Gainesville to select from and this may be the easiest way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Simply take the pill on a daily basis and this will provide a 99% chance of avoiding pregnancy in most cases.

The combination pill is recommended for women under 35 and do not smoke. This pill will also decrease the chances of having severe hot flashes for the woman, as well. This should not be used by women who frequently suffer from migraines because this may attribute to more headaches.

The progestin pill only option is safer for women that do smoke and with to avoid becoming pregnant. This pill will provide protection against pregnancy and are safer to use for the individual who suffers from diabetes or heart disease.

Many women opt for the extended-cycle pill, because this will allow the female to have a menstruation once every three months. This is ideal for most women and normally preferred over having a monthly cycle as normal. It is ideal to discuss this option with a Gainesville birth control specialist.
Other Methods of Birth Control

If you despise taking pills and simply can’t remember to take pills daily, this could be a real problem if you are sexually active and wish to avoid pregnancy. There are other available methods, which may be more to your liking and these are listed below:

1. The vaginal ring -; This is made of plastic and delivers the need progestin and estrogen through the vaginal ring. This is inserted into the vagina and is used for three weeks on and one week off during the menstruation.

2. The diaphragm -; This is a rubber shaped dome which will prevent the sperm from entering the egg. This is inserted into the vagina and the female should be fitted by a doctor to allow for optimal use and effectiveness against getting pregnant.

Finally, contact Gainesville OBGYN for the right birth control for your life.